5 Ways The Holidays (Christmas) Has Changed for Me


  1. I do what I want, when I want. I’m working on Christmas, so I am able spend time with you on Christmas Eve (before 9pm) or on Thursday before I start a three in a row at the hospital – those were my stipulations this year. Duane always worked the holidays at the fire station.  ALWAYS. He thought it was important for the people with kids to be home with them. And I was okay with that. Dinner at the Fire Station is always good!
  2. No pressure to see anyone or contact anyone. I fell absolutely no pressure to see anyone over the holidays. There are people from my past I no longer speak to and I feel no pressure to reach out or to respond to them if they reach out. My priority now is my peace and my happiness. I will not put myself in a position to be uncomfortable or unhappy.
  3. It is not at my house. I currently do not host holidays in my home. I used to LOVE hosting, having my home full of family and friends and laughs and loves. But not right now. My home is a quiet, peaceful, easy place and I will not invite chaos into it. Maybe in the future I will again host, but for now – Buddy and I will enjoy our peace.
  4. No perfect gifts. There are no perfect gifts. Give out of love.
  5. My pink tree. hahahahahaha I have a pink tree covered in mermaids and fish and glitter and sparkles. I couldn’t be happier with it!

– xoxo Victoria

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