The Candle Ritual


I knew the first holiday season without Duane would be difficult. I knew I needed to prepare myself for whatever feelings or emotions that might surface during this time.

I made a decision to seek out help in order to prepare myself. I went to our local hospice for a Holiday Grief group. It was so sad and almost unbearable. But there was a great take away from it. 

The Holiday Candle Lighting Ritual.

The first I read it I cried my eyes out. I loved it immediately. I brought it to my sisters house for Thanksgiving and then again at Christmas. It is a tradition that has been carried out over the passed few years at every holiday. I absolutely love it! It provides a few minutes for you to think about your loved one and focus on the love you shared. It gives you a moment to think about your growth and your journey since your loved one passed. 

I know a few people who have lost loved ones this year. Because this has been so helpful for me I wanted to share it with them. I gave them a little card with the ritual on it and 5 candles. Everyone seemed to really like the idea. 

It’s such a simple thing. But something the simplest things make the biggest difference. 

– xoxo Victoria

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