5 Things to Make Sure Are in Order When Your Spouse Is Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness


If I’m being honest, you shouldn’t wait until you’re diagnosed with an illness or have a life changing accident to take care of these things.

These five thing are not all inclusive of what needs to be done but, in my opinion, are the five main things you need to take care of immediately following a diagnosis. Having these items checked off of your list can help you enjoy the time you have with your family. Checking them off early can allow you to take the pressure off meetings and appointments with lawyers. Checking them off doesn’t force you to scramble to get things done or in some situations not get them done. Taking care of this will also help the transition for your family – elevating stress pertaining to money and paperwork after the fact.

  1. Life Insurance – Do you have it? Who is the beneficiary? Is it up to date? Is there enough to cover your funeral? Is there enough for your spouse to take some time off and keep the household running? 
  2. Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney – They are two different things. They can be the same person or two different people. You should have backups for both. They are both important – I will explain the difference between these in my next blog post.
  3. Medical Insurance / Medical – Healthcare Directive – Do you have insurance ? What does it cover? Can you see the specialists you need? Get the medications you need? Get the equipment you need? Do you have a directive? Has it been filed with the state? Does your Medical POA (see above) understand your wishes? 
  4. Will/ Estate/ Trust – Do you have one? Do you need one? Is it up to date? Is the beneficiary correct? Do you have a copy in a safe place? Does your lawyer know your current situation?
  5. Or not And – Everything you own needs to be in both of your names. It needs to be OR not AND. Cars, boats, homes, bank accounts … both of your names need to be on everything. 

I just wanted to give a brief overview on these topics, I will go in depth on each of these topics in the coming weeks. 

Please feel free send me any questions you may have. Remember I am not a lawyer or a professional in these fields – all of my advice and opinions are based on my personal experience only. 

– xoxo Victoria

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