“you have to find that place that brings out the human in you.the soul in you. the love in you.” – r.m. drake

unnamed-1Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all have survived back to school and are looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend. I thought it was finally time to share with you what Sunny Solitude actually is.

Sunny Solitude was started with the hope of sharing all the caregiving, clean living and self care tips and tricks I have learned over the years … mostly through trial and error. I want to save people time, money and the heartache of having to figure out many of the things that we had to figure out the hard way. I want to share what kept us safe and me sane with all the caregivers that are still struggling. 

I really want to Sunny Solitude to a place where anyone can come and search and find information on anything from clean beauty and organic food to Ozone therapy and Hyperbaric chambers and everything in between. 

I know I have a different belief system and view on staying healthy than many other people and I am excited to share those “odd, weird” things with you. (ex – I don’t own or use a microwave).

I have 3 exciting classes coming up and can’t wait to pass along what I have learn. The first will be Reiki Level 1, then Essential Oils to use in the hospital and finally in November End-Of-Life death doula class. I feel so lucky that these classes are available to me and I am getting the opportunity to participate in them. 

This blog is a labor of love. My passion is clean living and all that that encompasses. Whether it is when we are healthy and thriving, sick and trying to heal or at the end of our lives. I believe there is wealth in knowledge and am so happy to share what I have learned and will continue to learn with you all. 

Again – thank you all for your continued support and love. If there are any topics you would like me to cover or anything specific you have questions about, let me know!  

– xoxo Victoria

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