“I’ll rise up Rise like the day I’ll rise up In spite of the ache I will rise a thousands times again And we’ll rise up” – Cassandra Monique Batie / Jennifer Decilveo

52696073_617330125394757_2408889075760103424_oBefore Duane passed he said to me “ALS is NOT your cause, BUT you have to help people. There is no cure, don’t fight for that, but when people come to you, you help them”.

I have struggled with this for so long. What did he mean? Why did he say that? Why did he put that pressure on me? I have tried to help people, mostly people associated with ALS (as life would have it), people that have been placed in my path, younger people fighting ALS, younger people caring for those with ALS, younger widows after ALS. I sometimes feel I’m surrounded by ALS. 

I work in a hospital. I help people daily. 12 hours a day I help people and come home exhausted both mentally and physically. People that I sometimes feel don’t deserve help or sympathy, people that caused their own and other’s injuries because of their choices (now I understand what Duane was feeling those days he came home from the Fire Department feeling defeated). But I get up and help, not because Duane told me too, but because it is now ingrained in my being. 

This year I have seen friends pass away and have had other friends be diagnosed with terminal illnesses (ALS is a beast – its amazing to me the people it attacks). Watching this happen has “forced my hand”. Sunny Solitude will now be a wellness, self care,  caregiving, death coaching, vigil sitting place. Ask me your questions. Tell me how I can help. What do you  want to know. What questions do you have? Life? Death? Ask me anything. 

I am lucky. I have had time to process and learn. So many people are not afforded this luxury. I have a few interesting classes coming up and cam’t wait to share this with you. 

– xoxo Victoria

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