“Been up since the crack of dawn Just trying to get paid Been hotter than a hundred suns I can’t find no shade …Got a little dirt on my boots” – Rhett Akins / Jesse Frasure / Ashley Gorley

Day In The Dirt.  

It’s so crazy how in the last decade those words have a totally new meaning.  

Many, many moons ago when I was still a performer and actively working, Day in The Dirt was a camping, dirt bike racing, few day event in the hills of southern California. It was off the beaten path and attended mostly by stunt performers, dirt bike riders and a few celebrities. (I remember seeing Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell (Mark- Paul Gosselaar) my first year. It was so weird because I was working around and seeing celebrities every week but I was so excited to see him. hahahahaha)

Day in The Dirt is now a little weekend festival in the tiny town I live in. They sell plants and demonstrate how to do yard work. You can take selfies with alpacas and watch bees doing their “thing”. You can sign up for a produce box, join a CSA or make jam. 

I have attended both. I love both. Sometimes I sit back and think about how totally and completely different my life is now. I loved my life then, I never thought I would leave the performing world. I loved working all over the place, never knowing what job would be next and who I would meet. Having all that knowledge and experience led me to owning a talent agency and evolving it into an event planning business. I was able to travel the country fishing with Duane and still run my business. When he got sick I was able to do freelance talent booking and event concierge services from our home.

I am so fortunate for the experiences I have had and the amazing life I have had. Everyone has their rough patches and heartbreaks. But when I sit back and think about my life 10-15 years ago I smile and am so proud about where I am now. 

Day in the Dirt has changed in description for me, but it’s either way it’s still an amazing dirt filled day. Play in the dirt any chance you get!

– xoxo Victoria

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